Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

The Ground Penetrating Radar, or GPR, is the process of transmitting electromagnetic impulses into the pavement surface and measuring the reflected energy. The energy penetrates the material and reflects back to the source collector (antenna). The duration of time between transmission and reception to the antenna is defined as the materials velocity. The velocity is then evaluated to "continuously" document the roadway layer boundaries and underlying pavement section thickness.

As the low-level electromagnetic energy pulses are gathered and recorded by the on-board computer the operator analyzes data in real time. The observed velocity changes in the reflected radar instantly defines material thicknesses, pavement layer variations, and the existence of shallow underground utility lines.

The LaBelle Marvin Ground Penetrating Radar is truck mounted in conjunction with the Falling Weight Deflectometer equipment, Global Positioning System, pavement temperature sensors, and two color cameras. All data gathered in the field is electronically recorded at each test location to ensure accuracy.

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